Written by imanuel on October 7, 2022

Seprod Limited (SEP) – Investor Briefing Coverage

On Thursday, October 6, 2022, the Chairman of the Seprod Group Mr. P.B. Scott and CEO of the Seprod Group and Interim CEO of AS Brydens Group, Mr. Richard Pandohie joined host Mark Croskery in a Virtual Investor Briefing and discussed:

  1. Seprod’s recent acquisition of AS Bryden in Trinidad & Tobago
  2. Getting to know AS Bryden better for Seprod’s shareholders 
  3. The growth and outlook for Seprod and AS Bryden 
  4. Seprod becoming a regional distribution platform.

Director of Seprod Group and AS Bryden, Mr. Nicholas Scott, joined the Q&A Session.

Before the end of the year, the Seprod Group will take its new Trinidadian subsidiary public and list it on the main market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange. A.S. Bryden & Sons, a large distributor in which Seprod acquired a majority stake at mid-year, is also to be listed at a later date on the Trinidad & Tobago Stock Exchange. The JSE listing will be via an initial public offering of shares, or IPO.

 The Trinidad-based company would become the seventh entity connected to the Scott-led Musson Group to list on the Jamaica Stock Exchange. The current six are inclusive of Seprod.

Seprod owns 60 per cent of A.S. Bryden, while the other 40 per cent is spread among various investors, inclusive of managers and directors of the company.

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