Written by Megan Defreitas on August 16, 2023


KINGSTON, Jamaica … August 10, 2023- When the curtain closed on the Denbigh Agricultural, Industrial and Food Show in May Pen, Clarendon on Monday, August 7, 2023, the award-winning Supligen Max, premium cattle by Serge Island Farms, and affordable products manufactured and distributed by Seprod Limited were all patrons could rave about.

The event, regarded as the largest agricultural exposition in the Caribbean, spanned three (3) days and was in its 69th year. Serge Island Farms won four trophies in the Livestock Competition for Best Uddered Dairy Cow, Supreme Champion Dairy Heifer, Champion Cow (Other Dairy Breeds), and Champion Heifer (Other Dairy Breeds).

Business Development Manager for Serge Dairies, Miss Sherida Cohen, said, “Denbigh every year has been great. We are Serge Dairies, we are all about agriculture and farming, we have the largest dairy farm in Jamaica and the English Speaking Caribbean, which sits on over two thousand acres of lush pastures and is home to over 3,000 cows. We have the best milk, our Serge Milk is Grade A, which is not reconstituted or recombined. Real milk, nourishing the nation.”

Mr. Oshane Grant, Head of Customer Experience at Seprod, said, “It has been a remarkable experience participating at Denbigh 2023. Our products have been met with great enthusiasm from our customers and consumers. Our stout-flavoured beverage, Supligen Max was heavily requested over the three days. The response to our combo deals has been heartwarming. We are a wholesome company for the entire family, and we always set out to ensure patrons have a ‘Must Be Good’ experience.”

 21-year-old Kalasha Jackson from St. Elizabeth was seen sampling the Supligen Max and gave the product a thumbs up. “I love the products from Seprod. I think they are great. My regular products are Chiffon Margarine and Serge Milk. If I go to the supermarket and don’t see Serge, especially the Lactose-Free Milk, I’m not buying another brand. I also love Serge Full Cream Milk. I use it to make my pasta and put it in my eggs to make omelettes. Just keep making great products, Seprod.”

Denise Watson from Kingston, in agreement with Miss Jackson, added that she has been using Seprod products for over 36 years. I use Betty Condensed Milk in my porridge and my tea. I always use Chiffon Margarine on my bread and crackers, and I love to put it on my flour dumpling and mash pumpkin. The products are tasty, affordable, and healthier for me.”

Anticipating the 2024 edition of the Agricultural, Industrial, and Food Show, the Group is poised to elevate its presence with an even grander and more remarkable showcase.

Seprod’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and community empowerment embodies Denbigh's spirit and paves the way for a resilient and prosperous future. Seprod's lasting footprint will continue to resonate, igniting renewed enthusiasm within the agricultural landscape.


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