Written by Megan Defreitas on November 10, 2021

Seprod leases new warehouse after fire, resumes operation

Source: Jamaica Gleaner

Following the fire which gutted half of its warehousing space, distribution operations, Seprod Limited says its making progress on the restoration of the business that was conducted from the damaged site.

The October 10 fire, the cause of which was being investigated, affected 100,000 square feet of the food distribution facilities of Facey Commodity Company Limited, a Seprod subsidiary, leaving damage estimated preliminarily at $1 billion. The facility was insured.

Seprod has secured sufficient warehousing space to cover the facilities taken out of commission by the fire that can cover what it lost at its Facey Commodity installation. It has struck a deal with the Port Authority of Jamaica, from which it has rented half of a 200,000 square foot complex.

“We’re definitely recovering,” said Seprod CEO Richard Pandohie.

“We’ve now leased a warehouse, equivalent to the size that we lost. That became operational on Thursday, November 4,” he told the Financial Gleaner at the release of the company’s third-quarter financial report.

The company is also is back to making scheduled deliveries, he added.

Pandohie credits the fast pace at which it was able to secure such large facilities to a proactive Port Authority of Jamaica, which had been in the process of developing warehouse space along the waterfront in Kingston and whose leadership sped up the pace to accommodate the manufacturing and distribution conglomerate.


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