Written by Megan Defreitas on February 28, 2021

Seprod launches e-commerce platform

Source: Jamaica Observer

With social media and the Internet becoming such an integral part in the business landscape, e-commerce has quickly become the ideal way businesses enhance their customer relationship by offering that added convenience factor.

Seprod Limited, in an effort to make their products and services more customer-centric, recently launched its e-commerce platform — Seprodshop.com.

Seprodshop.com is focused on creating a virtual convenience store experience for customers.

“The company decided to make the step in order to keep up with our changing environment and changing consumer behaviour. The move to digital and virtual is not a trend; it is the progression of how businesses must change to continue to satisfy our customers.

“Seprod saw the need for the company to have a presence in the e-commerce space and saw demand increasing from our customers locally and in the diaspora. We will continue to innovate and offer new opportunities for our customers to access our wide range of products,” shared Kerrian Johnson, group marketing manager at Seprod Limited.

Johnson continued: “Both local and international brands that Jamaicans have grown to know and love, such as Supligen, Betty milk, Serge, Gold Seal flour, the full range of Brunswick products, Kraft, along with so many more, are offered directly from the website. Not only is there a range of food items available on the Seprod Shop, but there is also a wide variety of personal are vitamins and supplements, and pharmaceutical household items. Seprodshop.com also offers recipe suggestions that are simple with that added touch of niceness that you only get using Seprod Group products.”

“The company has taken their time to create an online shop that is easy to navigate. Users can simply log on to seprodshop.com, create an account, and start shopping. Your goods are then delivered straight to your door Monday-Friday for the low cost of $450 dollars. Delivery time is within 24 hours for orders within Kingston and St Andrew and 48 hours outside of the Kingston and St Andrew area (conditions apply). Seprodshop.com also offers free delivery for all orders over $10,000. When you order from Seprod Shop you will be gaining value for your money and premium goods and services minus the hassle, and exceptional customer service all in one place. What more could you ask for?”

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