Written by Megan Defreitas on February 3, 2021

Pulse, Seprod led gains on Tuesday

Source: Loop Jamaica

Pulse Investments and Seprod led double-digit gains during Tuesday’s trading on the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE).

Pulse gained 12 per cent to close at the $5.17 and Seprod gained 11 per cent to $71.71.

The top declining stock was 138 Student Living, down nine per cent to $17.84 and JSE Stock down eight per cent to $3.64. 

The JSE Combined Index advanced by 3,380.71 points (0.88 per cent) to close at 388,428.54.

The JSE Index advanced by 3,864.20 points (1.00 per cent) to close at 390,084.43.

The Junior Market Index declined by 16.72 points (0.61 per cent) to close at 2,745.01 and the JSE USD Equities Index advanced by 3.71 points (1.87 per cent) to close at 201.87.

The JSE Financial Index advanced by 0.84 points (0.85 per cent) to close at 99.33 and the JSE Manufacturing & Distribution Index advanced by 1.19 points (1.41 per cent) to close at 85.36.

Overall Market activity resulted from trading in 85 stocks of which 34 advanced, 41declined and 10 traded firm.

Market volume amounted to 35,447,649 units valued at over $104 million. Wigton Windfarm was the volume leader with 11,258,708 units (31.76 per cent)  followed by Caribbean Flavours and Fragrances with 7,400,315 units (20.88 per cent) and Derrimon Trading with 4,969,276 units (14.02 per cent).

Source: https://www.loopjamaica.com/content/pulse-seprod-led-gains-tuesday

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