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Safety, Health & Environment (S.H.E.) Officer [INTERN]


Objectives and Purpose of the Job:

  • Drive the development and implementation of an effective safety, health & environmental programme across the company’s operations in order to:
  • Proactively identify and mitigate against hazards to life and property, thus reducing losses associated with unsafe actions and unsafe workplace conditions;
  • Ensure full compliance with established safety and health rules & standards and local regulatory requirements; and
  • Lead the organisation in preparation for and attainment of ISO 45001 & 14001 certifications.

General Responsibilities:


  • Continually improve the SHE programme through the development, implementation and review of required SOPs.
  • Conduct safety inspections and audits based on established guidelines.
  • Track and close-out SHE hazards and non-compliances identified from inspections, audits, incidents, etc.
  • Document and investigate all reported incidents (injuries, property damages, product losses, etc.) and submit within the required time.
  • Conduct SHE-related trainings and orientation as established in the annual SHE training plan. 
  • Update SHE tracking data and submit SHE reports as required, for the General / Factory Manager and Group S.H.E. Manager
  • Implement the emergency response and recovery programmes, including fire safety, to ensure a constant state-of-readiness among the company’s operations.
  • Ensure all SHE-related regulatory permits, licences, certificates, etc. are current and there is full compliance with the required conditions pertaining to the permits, licences, etc.
  • Develop and keep updated, the SHE Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment programme.
  • Implement SHE-focused awareness programmes and activities to promote a culture of compliance among employees and contractors.
  • Support all company-related projects and activities in order to identify risks and implement mitigation plans.
  • Integrate ISO SHE standards (ISO 45001 & 14001) to strengthen the SHE programme and prepare for eventual certification.
  • Attend SHE Group meetings and trainings.


  • Support the occupational health programmes as established among the Seprod group
  • Participate in occupational health programmes.


  • Develop and implement environmentally sustainable programmes.
  • Participate in Food Safety and Security programmes as specified by the company.
  • Any other additional duty required by the company to support the SHE / Food Safety programmes and corporate initiatives of the company.

Academic/Technical/Management: Experience and Qualifications:

  • BSc in Occupational Safety and Health, or related field is preferred
  • Training and certification in OSH&E Management Systems (e.g. ISO 45001, ISO 14001)
  • Comprehensive knowledge of OSHE regulations (local and international)
  • At least two (2) years’ experience in OSHE

Abilities; Skills; Experience; Aptitude and Judgement:

  • Good communication skills, oral and written.
  • Good investigative and auditing skills.
  • Ability to work under pressure and take initiative.
  • Be result oriented and complete assignments within the required timelines.
  • Committed to strong work ethics; integrity, honesty, and quality.
  • Adaptable and willing to rotate among other companies within the Group, when required.
  • Able to work on / across shifts, as needed.

External Contacts (Level):

  • Liaise with external stakeholders, such as government / regulatory agencies, contractors, community, etc.

Authorisation / Confirmation

This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive.  It is understood that the employee will also perform reasonable related duties, if requested by immediate supervisor or other authorised personnel

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