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Job summary

The role operates the Forming area and pre-oven equipment efficiently in order to achieve high quality standards of dough piece formation and preparation with minimum waste and rework of material.

Key duties and responsibilities

  1. Set, operate and monitor the pre-oven and forming equipment to ensure the smooth running of the forming of dough pieces, and to adjust and correct all issues with dough piece formation and preparation for entry into the oven
  2. Continuously inspect and systematically weigh out and check dough pieces in accordance with forming operational procedures to ensure that the weights are within specification and properly formed
  3. Liaise with Mixer to ensure optimal dough quality, and to report and address all issues relating to dough batch quality to ensure minimal rework and waste
  4. Blow down rollers and maintain the rotary and other related forming and pre-oven machinery
  5. Ensure the timely cleaning, removal and replacement of the dies by adhering to the prescribed procedures as per production schedule
  6. Ensure that good manufacturing practices are maintained in the work area


  1. Secondary Level Education with passes in Mathematics and English Language
  2. One (1) year work experience in food manufacturing is an asset

Abilities, skills, and experience

  1. Ability to communicate with supervisor and follow general instructions
  2. Ability to work in a team and with minimal supervision
  3. Understanding of Quality standards
  4. Understanding of Food Safety standards
  5. Knowledge of GMP and HACCP

by Friday, November 25, 2022

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