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Objectives and Purpose of the Job:

The Loss Prevention Officer will be responsible for implementing loss prevention procedures and strategies to safeguard company assets, prevent and minimize theft, and reduce shortages and fraud.

Main Duties and Responsibilities:
  1. Identifies, recommends, and implements systems to minimize loss of merchandise, money, or company assets.
  2. Audits and investigates sources of known losses. Present or report findings as required.
  3. Monitors closely, with the support of the contracted security team, the loading and unloading of all containers/trucks on both sides of the CPL compound.
  4. Investigates suspicious activities on the CPL compound.
  5. Conducts periodic testing of security systems such as alarms, closed-circuit cameras /video surveillance systems.
  6. Presides over company’s contracted security team at the facility.
  7. Prepares reports on effectiveness of established prevention measures.
  8. Researches, suggests, and implements additional security measures.
  9. Works with law enforcement to detain suspects or dishonest persons on premises.
  10. Monitor public areas for unusual activity and potential threats.
  11. Reports promptly to the Factory Manager and Group Security Manager, any deviations from standard practices/behaviours at the facility.
  12. Prepares and distributes appropriately, reports as defined by the Group Security Manager
  13. Participates in Food Safety and S.H.E. Programmes as required by the company.
  14. Performs any other duties as assigned.
Academic/Technical/Management: Experience and Qualifications:
  1. Bachelor’s degree in Security Management or related field
  2. Three (3) years’ experience in loss prevention, security or law enforcement.
Abilities; Skills; Experience; Aptitude and Judgement:
  1. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  2. Extensive knowledge of loss prevention strategies and procedures.
  3. Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite or related software to prepare reports and documentation
Other Personal or General Characteristics:
  1. Must be able to access all of the company's properties to inspect security measures.
  2. Must be able to lift up to 15 pounds at times
External Contacts:
  1. Company’s external security contractor
  2. Haulers contracted to CPL
Accountability and Authority

Carry out the company’s Security and Loss Prevention Policy and procedures to ensure the highest standard is being maintained, by directing and supervising the contracted security guards on the job, as well as ensuring the security of employees and the property of CPL at all times.

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