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Factory Administration
Objective/Purpose of the Job:

The Innovation and Development Manager is required to develop and implement strategies for growth and expansion of the company through innovation and development in products and services of high added value, in response to the needs and expectations of customers, market trends and the achievement of the
strategic objectives of the company.

Main Duties and Responsibilities:
  1. Design and/or actively participate in the development of organizational growth strategies through product and service innovation.
  2. Identify market trends and key segments for business development.
  3. Design and develop high value-added products in line with current and future market and customer
  4. Maintain the product formulation portfolio up to date and develop alternatives to guarantee the continuity of its production in the face of possible future scenarios.
  5. Monitor the performance of the products in their corresponding applications and establish the necessary actions to improve them on a continuous basis
  6. Provide the corresponding technical support in all activities related to product performance, quality, food safety, manufacturing, and raw materials, such as analysis of new developments (customer complaints, quality and/or safety deviations), plant improvement projects (equipment modifications or substitution, changes in operating variables), evaluation of alternative raw materials and expansion and improvement projects.
  7. Actively participate in audits to customers and suppliers of materials or services directly related to the manufacturing process.
  8. Visit customers to provide technical support in the application of the products and to know their needs and expectations.
  9. Maintain work areas in a clean and orderly manner, and free from hazards as stipulated by the following regulations:
    • SEPROD Group Health and Safety Regulations
    • Caribbean Products’ Health and Safety Regulations
    • Food Safety & Security Certification standards
    • HACCP/GMP programme guidelines
  10. Ensure proper completion of GMP records to include:
    • Completion of all relevant sections
    • Signing of relevant documents
    • Evidence of corrective action taken (documented).
  11. Prepare and monitor annual budget for the innovation and Development Unit.
Academic/Technical/Management: Experience and Qualifications:
  1. Bachelor’s Degree preferably in Chemical Engineering, Food Technologist, and similar professions.
  2. Specialised training and experience in processing of Oils and Fats, margarines and shortenings products.
  3. Minimum of five (5) years management experience in a similar role in Oils and Fats Industry.
  4. Minimum of two (2) years’ experience developing an innovation team in Oils and Fats Industry,
  5. Significant experience working with consumer and customer insights.
Abilities; Skills; Experience; Aptitude and Judgement:
  1. Project Management skills
  2. Inventory Management
  3. Preparation of Budgets and Budget reports
  4. Good communication skills
  5. Good interpersonal and people skills
Other Personal or General Characteristics:
  1. Team building and leadership skills.
  2. People management skills.
  3. Comfortable working in an environment where ideas are shared and challenged.
  4. Listening skills.
External Contacts (Level):
  1. Local and overseas suppliers of materials and machinery.
  2. Customers and consumers.
  3. Local and overseas services contractors.
  4. Relevant Government agencies.
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