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(Serge Island Farms- St. Thomas, Jamaica)


The incumbent will be responsible for overall operation of the dairy farm for fodder and silage production and pasture land management; developing and implementing crop production strategies to meet the feed/fodder requirement of the herd and improving overall farm profitability; maximizing land, manpower and resource utilization; implementing nutrient management plans, maintaining recording systems and budgets; preparation of reports; reviewing and monitoring.

  • Plan, develop and implement best management practices for forage cultivation and implement management procedures that will monitor the quality, yield and regrowth duration of forage.
  • Oversee the establishment and management of pastures and forage crops to include:
    • Introducing high yielding grass/ fodder species
    • Cultivation and weed control techniques,
    • Implementing soil nutrient requirements/techniques
    • Placement of type and form of fertilizer required.
    • Monitoring of  species variations and measure the  effects on the establishment of pastures
  • Manage established fodder crops
  • Implement advanced methods of cultivation of forage crops, suggesting requirement of farm machinery & equipment.
  • Arrange for soil and leaf analyses to be performed to ensure correctness of fertilizer purchase/application
  • Develop plans for irrigation, draining and soil enrichment
  • Implement environmentally friendly pest and disease control programs.                                                                                             
  • Study and apply scientific methods to obtain various valuable yields, both qualitatively and    quantitatively
  • Develop plans and projects on cultivation of pasture lands.
  • Determine the technological processes for the planting, care and harvest of crops such as corn, alfalfa, sorghum etc
  • Manage and modify the agro-technical processes and work processes involved in pasture            management.
  • Training of employees to implement best management practices
  • A Bachelor's Degree in Agriculture with emphasis on agronomy, crop, soil, weed management, agro business or agro science from an accredited tertiary institution.
  • Three (3) years experience in fodder/ pasture production/ farm management
  • Experience in supervising and coordinating crop and labour management.
  • Ability to lead and supervise teams
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