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Serge was acquired by Seprod in 2005 with the vision to become a world class facility in the region. Serge has invested in this vision through its commitment to providing quality products through a substantial technological investment that has seen the Company:

▪ Feature the most advanced Tetra-Pak packaging technology in the island
▪ Facilitated extensive third-party manufacturing and packaging
▪ Significantly increased milk production to better meet market demand

Seprod subsidiaries, Serge Island Dairy (Seaforth St. Thomas) and Musson International Dairy (Bogwalk, St. Catherine) operations were consolidated into a single operation and this consolidation has been considered a massive undertaking with:

• The Acquisition of Serge Island Farms and Dairies
• Investments in Farm and Factories Capability
• Musson International Dairies (Nestle) Acquisition
• New Line Commercial opportunity
• Consolidation of the Dairy Facilities and Farm Expansion

The Dairy Consolidation translates to an investment of approximately JA$7billion as at March 2019.

The SEPROD Group of Companies, through Serge Island Dairies (Serge), officially opened its new Dairy Consolidation operations at its factory in Bybrook, Linstead, St. Catherine on Wednesday, May 29, 2019. The Honourable Prime Minister delivered the keynote address officially declared open the new Dairy Consolidation operations.


The Dairy Industry – An Overview

Currently, with just 20% of the domestic demand of 60 million litres of milk being produced locally (12 Million litres), a competitive market exists for this dietary staple. This figure is significantly lower than the 38.8 million litres produced in 1990 to 1994, which subsequently dropped to 14.5 million litres - a decline of 63% - in 2000 to 2005 and further declines to 12.2 million litres between 2005 and 2010.

SEPROD has spearheaded the recovery of milk consumption since 2005 and has been actively involved in the dairy operations of Jamaica. We have an aggressive target to support the industry increasing from the current 12.2 million litres to 20 million litres by 2020.


The Dairy Consolidation signifies Seprod’s strategic goal of being the leading manufacturer and distributor in the Caribbean by 2021. This is with a view to deliver on the Key Strategic Initiatives for the Dairy Business that include:

• Increase Milk Production & reduced cost per litre of Milk Produced
• Improve Herd Nutrition & Welfare
• Maintenance of farms and Equipment
• Improved Labour Capability
• Profitable export growth |Innovate at Scale and pace |Cost base reduction and improved Productivity


Our key enablers to make this vision a reality will be significant investments in Safety, Quality, End to end efficiency, and Labour. Overall Benefits of the Dairy Consolidation to the nation will include:

• Improved quality and competitiveness of Jamaican products
• Assist with reducing the Net Import bill
• Increased competitiveness of Jamaica’s Dairy Industry and increased Exports to the CARICOM community.


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