Job Openings




To provide general health services to the employees and assess all aspects of the health environment with a view to coordinate and implement occupational health programmes designed to provide a high standard of professional health care and advice to employees.



  1. Provide clinical and occupational health services including – response to situations of illness and accidents at work, treatments including dispensation of over the counter medication and simple dressings, health counselling, referrals for external consultation and the provision of medical services within the incumbent’s scope of practice.
  2. Co-ordinate doctor/hospital visits for all accident victims/sudden illness cases for employees as is required
  3. Organize pre-employment medicals for all new permanent members of staff and conduct medical job readiness assessments on all new temporary employees.
  4. Ensure that all members of staff have a current Food Handlers Permit and coordinate annual training with Public Health Officials.
  5. Conduct orientation sessions for all new members of staff on Health and Hygiene Control as well as ongoing sessions on Hazard Communication, Respiratory Protection, Hearing Conservation, Communicable Disease and Ergonomics.
  6. Monitor and evaluate sick leaves and absenteeism for the detection and follow-up of occupation related illness, post sick leave as well as accident fitness evaluation.
  7. Supervision of First Aid programme including provision and inventory control of stock, monitoring and analysis of reports and coordination of the periodic training courses, including CPR training.
  8. Assist with Safety, Good Manufacturing Practice, as well as other health related education programme and activities.
  9. Record all in-office visits by employees and prepare a monthly report of the persons seen and the details of their health issues.
  10. Monitor and maintain the Company’s occupational health care programmes.
  11. Investigate and recommend systems for improved health care
  12. Inspect plant facilities, identify and report occupational health hazards
  13. Monitor the incidence and frequency of occupational ailments of individual employees on the job and take the necessary corrective measures.
  14. Monitor investigation of injuries sustained by employees on the job and ensure the completion and submission of all necessary insurance and other documents to the relevant internal departments and external agencies such as the Ministry of Labour.
  15. Collaborate with the Ministry of Health and other agencies on medical advisories of national importance and communicate with employees as required.
  16. Participate in housekeeping, food safety, and general safety initiatives as required by the Company.
  17. Any other related duties as assigned.



  • BSc.  in Nursing from an accredited institution.


  • Diploma or equivalent in Industrial Nursing Administration.
  • Registered General Certificate in nursing practice.
  • Training in midwifery and First Aid , a distinct asset
  • Training and experience in Occupational Health and Safety.
  • Four (4) years nursing experience in an industrial environment.