Job Openings




Responsible for the health and well‑being of the cattle, including preventative care as well as diagnosis and treatment of illnesses and injuries; monitors the health of animals and studies effectiveness of medications, vaccinations and feeding programs, in compliance with established veterinary health standards.



  1. Monitor herd health, to include calf station to ensure the calves are properly cared for
  2. Manage neonatal calf care, feeding equipment, facilities, ventilation, calf/cattle movements, colostrum management, nutrition and immunization.
  3. Conduct checks of animals to intervene in a proactive way in resolving problems regarding animal health and welfare.
  4. Diagnose and treat cattle diseases and conditions.
  5. Investigate unusual problems such as risk of mortality.
  6. Update cattle records for treated animals on handheld devices provided, evaluate health and treatment interventions and provide recommendations.
  7. Conduct routine pregnancy diagnosis for cows and heifers.
  8. Contribute to nutritional analysis of dairy cattle and develop feeding plan
  9. Review transition cows for common disorders and treat accordingly (Ketosis, Metritis, Hypocalcemia).
  10. Schedule weekly and monthly veterinary tasks.
  11. Liaise with purchasing and stores to ensure consistent availability of veterinary supplies.
  12. Provide technical training to other farm employees as required.
  13. Monitor sanitation status and effectiveness of established sanitary standards
  14. Prepare weekly reports as required



  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) or equivalent
  • Certification / Licensed with JVB.
  • Training in dairy management
  • Ability to diagnose pregnancy by palpation and ultrasonography.
  • At least five (5) years progressive management experience in commercial agricultural production, preferably in the dairy industry.
  • Experience with calf care
  • Willingness to work on week-ends and public holidays

A competitive compensation package includes fully maintained living accommodation on location as well as a company vehicle.