Richard Pandohie



Seprod has continued its mission to create a best in class organization and we thank you for your confidence and support of the Seprod Group.  With over 1000 employees, Seprod has grown exponentially and is a US$260m company providing top-notch, innovative and affordable foods to nations across the globe.  We are ambitious and agile, and our goals know no boundaries as we continue to excel in manufacturing and distribution.

We will maintain our appetite for growth through innovations, exports and driving distribution synergies to improve our efficiencies and our distribution footprint.  We will focus on growth by continuing to capitalize on acquisition opportunities and partnerships, (both locally and internationally) that will be value-enhancing and always attracting and investing in talented people.  Seprod continues to invest in its Internship programme, bringing on board some amazing young people, who will form the core of the next generation of leaders in the Group.

Richard Pandohie – C.E.O. / Managing Director