Job Openings




The Business Development Manager (BDM) will identify partner opportunities locally and overseas, build relationships and manage brands to generate new revenue, thereby supporting the Company’s growth. The goal is to drive sustainable financial growth through boosting sales and forging strong relationships with customers.



  1. Apply Innovation and Creativity to Business Development and Growth
  • Research and identify new business opportunities – including new markets, growth areas, trends, customers,partnerships, products and services and new ways of reaching existing markets
  • Create plans for business growth in the domestic and export space
  • Liaise with local and international partners to grow business


  1. Manage Trade Marketing
  • Create, implement, and assess strategies to maximise value from each of the channel of the company
  • Oversea and ensure distribution partners are executing trade plans and distribution reach.
  • Evaluate trade plans for compliance to export guidelines, regulations, and standards
  • Coordinate trade marketing activities with finance team, production, warehousing and logistics department as appropriate to develop pricing structure and or execute trade plans


  1. Manage Brand Activities
  • Develop, Implement, and Manage strategies and budgets for the company’s brands in local and export markets.
  • Liaise with agencies on content for social media, and above and below the line campaigns.
  • Formulate promotional strategies and activities with the marketing department
  • Monitor regulations that could impact products


  1. Manage Customer Success and Journey
  • Develop, maintain, and evaluate relationships with customers
  • Manage customer success and journey by reviewing customer experience data
  • Create loyalty drivers for customers to ensure customer satisfaction and ultimately retention


  1. Manage Trade Brand Relationships, Pricing and Competitor Data
  • Monitor and manage risk based on numbers and performance data relative to market share and strategic direction
  • Strategically mine and analyse market and competitor data in all markets and channels including but not limited to import data, export market data, trade data, competitor pricing, and any other data related to the business of the company
  • Routinely analyse pricing, considering costings and competitive environment to ensure that gross profit is maximised.
  • Develop Tier pricing where applicable ad well as straight to market strategies to Maximise margins where possible. Make recommendations and changes to the price list by customer and rationalize prices across channels


  1. Manage related Communication and Reporting requirements
  • Generate reports including relevant numerical analyses of the company’s sales, distribution, customer experience and brand management activities.
  • Present reports showing performance against agreed plan and strategic direction
  • Respond effectively to the needs of the customer.