Jamaica Grain and Cereals Limited had its beginnings in 1969 as the Jamaica Cornmeal Plant which was fully acquired by SEPROD in 1996. JGCL is today a modern dry mill facility producing a wide range of corn products including Miracle Refined Cornmeal, Whole-meal, Bakers' Grits, Brewers' Grits, Cracked Corn and Hominy Corn. Our team is keenly focused on producing good quality and nutritious food innovatively.  


Our most recent success is our Pronto “three minute” instant porridge available in Cinnamon, Peanut, Vanilla and Banana Flavours. JGCL is proud to be an intrinsic supporter of the Jamaica’s cornmeal based culinary heritage and commit to producing only the highest quality foods in our mission to nourish our nation.

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